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Advancing payment processing with IoT

Advancing payment processing with IoT

As with many industries, IoT is playing a huge part in the fintech market…

Getting Started with the IoT Gateway Advanced Template

This video will provide an overview of the IoT Gateway template, as well as some new features that have been added. Additionally, this video will also walkthrough the use cases and how to configure the new template variables

Advanced Traffic violation control and penalty system using IOT and Image processing Techniques

Advanced Traffic violation control and penalty system using IOT and Image processing Techniques
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Advanced Autopay Payments – SmarterCommerce Payment Processing 7 Tutorial (JD Edwards)

IoT payments made easy by FINN – Banking of Things

The Internet of things creates one big network of smart devices and people. By adding sensors to everyday objects we now enable communication between devices and people. FINN enables machines and smart devices to make IoT triggered payments autonomously. Check our video to see how easy it is to make things pay!

GSC: becoming Canada`s first integrated health organisation

GSC: becoming Canada's first integrated health organisation

GSC: becoming Canada's first integrated health organisation

Canadian healthcare is failing – and the courts are making it worse

The Canadian Constitution Foundation is greatly dismayed by the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to refuse leave in Cambie Surgeries v. Attorney General.

“The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to refuse leave in the Cambie matter is a shocking dereliction of the Court’s duty to provide legal clarity across the country”, said Joanna Baron, Executive Director of the CCF. “The Court is to hear cases that raise legal issues of national importance, and given the growing crisis of wait times across Canada as well as the complex and contradictory state of the law, it is inexplicable and stunning that it elected not to hear this challenge. This morning, the Globe and Mail’s editorial board called the issue “literally one of life and death.”

In 2005, a majority of the Supreme Court of Canada in Chaoulli ruled that Quebec’s ban on private health insurance was unconstitutional. A majority ruled that the ban was “not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable services” and that “life, liberty and security of the person must prevail.”

“That Supreme Court decision, which was ultimately decided under the Quebec Charter, remains good law and allows Quebeckers the right to choose to take their health into their own hands by going outside a failing government system instead of suffering on lengthy waiting lists. It remains unclear why the same reasoning ought not to apply in the rest of Canada under the Charter’s guarantee of life, liberty and security of the person. It is lamentable that the Supreme Court declined to resolve these ambiguities, which directly affect every Canadian”, continued Baron.

In addition to the inequality between Quebec and the rest of Canada, there remains massive inequality between federal public servants, such as judges, who are entitled to federal health insurance and are able to be treated in private healthcare facilities like Cambie, and the rest of Canadians who are forced by government monopolies into dangerous and long waiting times.

The CCF is grateful for the courageous leadership of Dr. Brian Day, who has dedicated fourteen years of his life to the cause of improving the healthcare system for all Canadians, and is currently considering other avenues of litigation to continue his fight for patient choice.

Learn more:

More videos about the case: &list=PLSVsDX58q8ep0qV_hXQKHlGMBAGzeJ1YE &index=1 &pp=gAQBiAQB &list=PLSVsDX58q8ep0qV_hXQKHlGMBAGzeJ1YE &index=5 &pp=gAQBiAQB &list=PLSVsDX58q8ep0qV_hXQKHlGMBAGzeJ1YE &index=8 &pp=gAQBiAQB &list=PLSVsDX58q8ep0qV_hXQKHlGMBAGzeJ1YE &index=9 &pp=gAQBiAQB

Read the editorial board articles I reference in this video:

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CPHW 2023 WEBINAR | Strengthening Public Health Systems in Canada

During this webinar, participants learned about CPHA’s advocacy campaign, Strengthening Public Health Systems in Canada. Released in December 2022, the policy brief calls on the federal government to lead provincial and territorial governments and other stakeholders in creating cohesive, comprehensive and accountable public health systems in Canada. The analysis and recommendations in the brief focus on core structural elements of public health: the what, who and how of public health service delivery in Canada. The brief also focusses primarily on steps that must begin at the federal level. Other levels of government and other sectors beyond government must also collaborate in this effort, addressing areas of the public health systems that intersect with their mandates and activities.

Organized by the Canadian Public Health Association

Uncovering the Shocking Reality of Canadian Healthcare What You Didn t Know

#shorts #HealthcareSystemComparison #americanhealthcare #Canadianhealthcare #Medicalexperiences #Symptommanagement #Healthcarechallenges #Contrastingsystems #patientcare #Healthcaredebate #InsightsAndperspectives #kallmekris

In this eye-opening segment, Doctor Mike expresses his deep concerns about the American healthcare system and eagerly seeks to understand the experiences of Chris within the Canadian healthcare system. Doctor Mike discusses a particular incident where Chris was dealing with symptoms such as a severe headache and fever, prompting her to seek medical attention. Expecting a spinal tap procedure, Chris shares that the healthcare professionals in Canada opted for imaging and provided pain medication before instructing her to return if her condition worsened. Join the conversation as Doctor Mike and Chris delve into their contrasting healthcare experiences, highlighting the challenges and differences between the American and Canadian systems.

Keywords: American healthcare system, Canadian healthcare system, contrasting experiences, medical attention, symptoms, headache, fever, imaging, pain medication, healthcare challenges, healthcare differences.


IBM Security leader talks political impact on Fintech

IBM Security leader talks political impact on Fintech

Corey Hamilton, Partner Director, IBM Security Services, discusses how political instability is destabalising fintech and the sectors most at risk

What are the Open Banking strategies used by banks? Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader at IBM


About the Open Banking and Platforms in Finance specialisation

Taught by 5 finance leaders and 10+ Open Banking experts from Google, Plaid, Yolt or Mastercard, this specialisation is made up of 5 individual short courses. Collectively they form the Open Banking and Platforms in Finance specialisation, which has been created with the purpose to deliver fundamental knowledge of the multi-facets of the Open Banking ecosystem – from business models and regulations to technology.

About CFTE

The Centre for Finance, Technology & Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is a global education platform that aims to equip financial professionals and organisations with the necessary skills to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry. With offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, CFTE partners with Fortune 500 companies to build their knowledge in Financial Technology, whilst simultaneously supporting their digital transformation process.

Our leading training programmes, curated by global industry experts, help talent build skills to join the digital transformation of finance.

We are made for the industry, by the industry.

Interview Paolo Sironi, Leader In Banking And Finance, IBM Institute for Business Value

Paolo Sironi is a thought leader, author, academic, technologist, IBMer and entrepreneur. Paolo runs Wealth Management Investment Analytics – IBM Thought Leadership, where he leads important research in the fields of innovation for technology, wealth management, robo advisers and fintech in general applied to investment analytics, decision making, retirement and society. Paolo is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy.

Before moving to IBM in 2012, he founded and was the managing director of an investment analytics startup. He is a recognized author on books about portfolio management and FinTech innovation and speaks regularly to the media and industry leaders.

Paolo believes FinTech has three pillars: 1) innovation in finance, 2) innovation in technology, and 3) innovation in business models. And because he had worked in investment banking before coming to IBM, Paolo has a solid understanding of financial services industry challenges. In fact, Paolo started a FinTech company focused on business model innovations before joining IBM. Now, working for IBM, he is able to synthesize his knowledge of all three pillars into his career, and talk about them to industry leaders.

Paolo felt it was important to systematize the language and the knowledge around the three pillars, so he wrote three books about them. One was about innovation in investment management methodology, the second was about innovation in financial technology, and the third is about business model innovation within a regulatory framework.

About intelligenthq is a digital, innovation social business network that provides intelligence, education for professionals businesses startups and Universities. is a platform that provides digital business insights, growth, executive education and change through the social media innovation lens to business – both startups and corporations.

How AI Shaping the Fintech | Interview with Thad Vorozilchak, VP, Banking and Financial Markets, IBM

Financial IT meets Thad Vorozilchak, Vice President of Banking and Financial Markets of IBM at Money20/20 Europe 2023 to talk about AI, trends and challenges of the industry.

IBM CCO on Buying Apptio for $4.6 Billion

IBM will buy software company Apptio for $4.6 billion, marking the seventh acquisition this year as CEO Arvind Krishna pushes the company’s transformation into a hybrid-cloud and AI business. IBM Chief Commercial Officer Rob Thomas joins Ed Ludlow for more.
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Zahid Salman

Zahid Salman

Zahid Salman, CEO and President

Varicose Veins | Causes | Treatment | Dr. Salman Zahid | Vascular Surgeon |YCAP

Varicose veins are swollen, twisted veins that lie just under the skin and usually occur in the legs. Overview. Varicose veins are a common condition caused by weak or damaged vein walls and valves. Varicose veins may form whenever blood pressure increases inside your veins.

Zahid.salman and zunaira


Prophet Muhammad S.A.W Seven 7 Testament ( Wasiyat ) to Salman Farsi | Allama Zahid Hussain Zohdi |

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W Seven 7 Testament ( Wasiyat ) to Salman Farsi | Allama Zahid Hussain Zohdi |

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Green Shield’s CEO and Office Environment – Q1 2019

Check out how Green Shield’s Company Culture was rated by employees on Comparably
What do employees think of Green Shield’s company culture?
Green Shield’s culture is rated C+ (66/100) based on 1,247 ratings.
Employees gave Zahid Salman, Green Shield’s CEO, an A (75/100), putting Zahid Salman in the Top 10% in the country.Green Shield’s Gender Score ranks them in the Top 50% of similar sized companies. Green Shield’s Diversity Score ranks them in the Bottom 45% of similar sized companies.

See what employees think of Green Shield:

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Monzo, Starling, Revolut named in British Bank Awards 2020

Monzo, Starling, Revolut named in British Bank Awards 2020

Over 40,000 customers shared their feedback on financial services in the UK. Revolut, Starling and Monzo are the challenger banks among the 2020 winners…

What’s the Best Bank to Switch To? | This Morning

Martin Lewis offers financial advice to callers.

Best UK Mobile Bank Account | Monzo, Starling, Wise, Monese & MORE!

The best UK mobile bank account will depend on what you specifically need an account for. Mobile banks like Revolut, Monzo, Starling, Wise & Monese are all great choices and we’ve categorised them based on their specific qualities.

Sign-up for Starling Bank ��
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Monito is an independent comparison platform and publisher. Our product and service reviews — like this one — are produced independently by our employees, and recommendations given are our own.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Monzo – Best for Savers
2:08 Revolut – Best Secondary Account
3:57 Wise – Best for Travellers
6:21 Monese – Best for New Arrivals
7:49 Starling – Best All-Round Bank

Is Monzo in trouble?

Recent headlines have shared large losses at Monzo and worries about the bank’s future – should you be worried about your money?

Here’s what the papers are saying, where they’re getting their information from and what it means for you as a customer.

Plus what Monzo needs to do to keep going.

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Why you need more than one bank account

Monzo Plus review &t

Monzo vs Starling vs Revolut &t

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Andy Webb is a money blogger and journalist. He runs the award-winning website Be Clever With Your Cash, presents Channel 5’s Shop Smart Save Money and writes every month for Reader’s Digest. Andy also founded the community

Andy’s YouTube channel won Best Money Vlogger at the 2017 SHOMO awards.

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Best FREE Bank Accounts for UK Small Businesses in 2022 – 6 Categories

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The best free business bank account for your small business will depend on the type of business you have. This video includes 6 categories of business bank accounts that offer free accounts that cater for e-Commerce businesses, sole traders & freelancers, limited companies and more.

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Relevant Links:
How to Set Up a Company in the UK ��
Revolut Business Review ��
Payoneer’s Fees ��

Monito is an independent comparison platform and publisher. Our product and service reviews — like this one — are produced independently by our employees, and recommendations given are our own.

0:00 Intro
0:34 What is a business bank account?
1:16 Can I open a business bank account for free?
2:01 Revolut Business – Best for Team Management
4:33 Wise Business – Best for International Payments
7:05 Tide – Best for Invoicing
8:52 Monzo – Best for Freelancers & Small Enterprises
10:20 Payoneer – Best for International e-Commerce Businesses
12:34 Starling – Best All-Round Free Business Account


How IoT is digitally transforming payments

How IoT is digitally transforming payments

IoT technology is powering a global revolution in the payments space, and here we explore some of the companies at the forefront of this trend…

MIT Professional | Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity

Learn more about the program here:

Dr. John Williams and Dr. Abel Sanchez talk about the Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity program from MIT Professional Education.

Accelerating Digital Transformation through IoT

We’re building compute and connectivity technologies for the intelligent age and transforming industries and lives. Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible as digital transformation occurs while powered by our technology.

IIoT vs Digital Transformation vs Industry 4.0

We get this question so often that we decided to make a video to explain what is IIoT? What is Industry 4.0? And what is Digital Transformation? And how do they relate!

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Digital Transformation – How IoT will disrupt the home, the office, and our cities

Smart cities are embracing technologies with sensors in water pipes, taxis that broadcast their location, and connected traffic lights. Our homes will have smart alarm clocks, laundry machines, and refrigerators, growing the amount of Internet traffic per household exponentially.

Payment solutions: Transaction evolution and the IoT

Payment solutions: Transaction evolution and the IoT

Controlling the movement of money has reached new heights through greater connectivity, fintech and the IoT

How to delete google Pay Transaction History #shorts

Technology Implications of Internet of Payments

Electronic payments, once the purview of a few companies, have expanded to include a variety of financial and technology companies. Internet of Payment (IoP) enables payment processing over many kinds of IoT devices and has also led to the emergence of the micro-transaction. The growth of independent payment services offering e-commerce solutions, such as Square, and the entry of new ways to pay, such as Apple Pay mean that a variety of devices and technologies also have come into wide use.

In this talk we look at the impact of all of these new principles across multiple use cases and how it impacts not only the consumers driving this behavior but on the underlying infrastructure that supports and enables it.

Presented by Glyn Bowden, HPE; Richard George, Health Life Prosperity Shared Ltd; Jim Fister, The Decision Place

After you watch the presentation, check out the Q &A blog

Webinar: Medeor Pay by Link Integrated Payment Solution

Medeor Pay by Link automates the entire payment and reconciliation process for general medical practices right in our Medtech Evolution PMS. Even your bank deposits are automatically reconciled in Evolution PMS on a daily basis. Bin the spreadsheets, and let Medeor do the admin.

Overview of Payment Technology

Simon Laker – Overview of Payment Technology

This webinar will provide an overview of the technical components of payments, including the financial sharing component, Cards, to Point of Sale Technology, NFC and use in transit systems.

Simon Laker leads Consult Hyperion’s consulting practice across North America. He is a leading authority on the implementation of open payments systems in public transport, using payment cards as a token for travel. He worked with Transport for London and the major payment schemes to define the operational and transaction models to support the use of payment cards in place of transit tickets in the UK. His work has subsequently been adopted and deployed globally by the Payment Schemes.


UK Fintech Week: Goldman Sachs invests £50m in Starling Bank

UK Fintech Week: Goldman Sachs invests £50m in Starling Bank

The start of UK Fintech Week (19 April to 23 April) has already seen Goldman Sachs opt to invest £50m in leading challenger bank Starling…

What the FinTech? | S.4 Episode 8 | The future of open banking in the UK

In the latest episode of the What the FinTech? podcast, we’re joined by Marion King, chair and trustee of the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) and non-executive director at payments company Cashflows, to chat about the current state of play and next steps for open banking in the UK following the much-anticipated release of the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee’s recommendations.

Marion and FinTech Futures editor Paul Hindle discuss whether the new recommendations can help the UK maintain its position as a leader in the open banking space, whether concerns around the lack of clarity in the country’s vision for open banking have been alleviated, and whether there’s a way to monetise open banking amid concerns from banks about the lack of commercial returns.

We also find out what’s next for the OBIE, dive into some of the trends and developments in the digital payments space, and discuss how the fintech sector should be doing more to reduce the gender pay gap.

And finally, we find out what fintech buzzword Marion wants to throw into our Fintech Jail!

Why Starling Bank Has Beaten Monzo In The UK (5 Reasons)

Starling Bank has beaten Monzo over the last 2 years in the UK.

Starling Bank is now profitable while Monzo is losing more money every year.

Starling Bank is growing and considering making acquisitions while Monzo is collecting funding rounds to make ends meet.

In this video I will share my view on why Starling Bank has beaten Monzo by explaining the 5 big reasons why the two biggest challenger banks in the UK are so different.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advice channel. All information is provided strictly for educational purposes. It does not take into account anybody’s specific circumstances or situation. If you are making investment or other financial management decisions and require advice, please consult a suitably qualified licensed professional.

Investment Opportunities in Fintech | AIM Summit London 2023

“Investment Opportunities in Fintech

Abdallah Abu Sheikh – CEO & Founder, Astra Tech
Terry Culver – Executive Director, Digital Finance Group
Susanne Chishti – Chief Executive Officer, FINTECH Circle
Steve Schlenker – Managing Partner, Co-Founder, DN Capital

John D’Agostino – Senior Advisor: Strategy & Partnerships, Coinbase

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The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sachs’ Marcus

Saying the name out loud conjures images of Ivy League-educated investment bankers in tailored suits managing money for the wealthiest of the wealthy. Or closing deals in high-rise corporate offices. Advising the wealthiest of the wealthy. Navigating the corridors of power across the world’s financial capitals — New York, London, Singapore.
So, why did Goldman Sachs — the 150-year-old investment bank — try to get into checking accounts and credit cards? And, what’s more, how did Goldman Sachs’ fail at that? Watch the video above to find out more.

00:00 — Introduction
01:13 — Introducing Marcus
03:31 — Goldman’s trouble with consumer banking
05:29 — What went wrong?
07:04 — What’s next?

Produced by Jeff Morganteen
Reporting by Hugh Son
Edited by Dennis Donovan
Graphics by Mallory Brangan
Narrated by Jordan Smith

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The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sach’s Marcus


Unicorn: Charging Stations as a Source of Income

Unicorn: Charging Stations as a Source of Income

Unicorn discusses how charging stations can be a source of income and an accelerator for further business

Beware of EV charging station companies

Empire Financial Research’s Herb Greenberg sounds the alarm on the narrative surrounding EV charging companies. With CNBC’s Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Jeff Mills. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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How do you find public EV charging stations?

Need to find a charger near you? Most EVs can direct you to the closest charging station using their navigation systems? No need to figure out where to charge when your EV can do it for you! Watch our latest video on finding public charging to see the many ways you can find a charging station nearby.

Companies pledge to build E.V. charging stations across U.S.

The Biden administration aims to grow the amount of E.V. charging stations across the U.S. from 130,000 to 500,000 using funds from the bipartisan infrastructure deal passed last year. NBC’s Jake Ward has more on requirements for these stations and what automakers plan to be a part of this expansion.

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Why EV Charging Stations Suck (And How to Fix It)

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EV Charging stations are not great places to be these days. They’re often stuck in some corner of an anonymous parking lot somewhere, lacking any distinct qualities. They are certainly not places you want to spend 30 minutes. But the success of EVs will, in some part, rely on making the charging experience less terrible. And, wouldn’t it be great if EV stations could contribute to the beauty of the built environment beyond just their practical use? This video discusses why EV charging stations are not yet good architecturally and points toward a direction for how to fix it.

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__About the Channel__
Architecture with Stewart is a YouTube journey exploring architecture’s deep and enduring stories in all their bewildering glory. Weekly videos and occasional live events breakdown a wide range of topics related to the built environment in order to increase their general understanding and advocate their importance in shaping the world we inhabit.

__About Me__
Stewart Hicks is an architectural design educator that leads studios and lecture courses as an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also serves as an Associate Dean in the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts and is the co-founder of the practice Design With Company. His work has earned awards such as the Architecture Record Design Vanguard Award or the Young Architect’s Forum Award and has been featured in exhibitions such as the Chicago Architecture Biennial and Design Miami, as well as at the V &A Museum and Tate Modern in London. His writings can be found in the co-authored book Misguided Tactics for Propriety Calibration, published with the Graham Foundation, as well as essays in MONU magazine, the AIA Journal Manifest, Log, bracket, and the guest-edited issue of MAS Context on the topic of character architecture.

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S&T Group CEO on the IoT and its Business Impact

S&T Group CEO on the IoT and its Business Impact

Hannes Niederhauser, CEO S&T Group, tell us why the IoT is so transformative and how it will impact upon the business and fintech landscape

TEX NYC 2016: CEO Roundtable #1 Arrival of IoT: 5G, Connected Devices, Data Volume & Opportunities

This CEO Roundtable “The Arrival of Internet of Things (IoT): 5G, Connected Devices, Data Volume and Business Opportunities” from TEX NYC 2016 features: Ronald Gruia, Director of Emerging Telecoms of Frost & Sullivan; Mobeen Khan, AVP of IoT Strategy & Product Management of AT &T; Frank Rey, Director Global Network Acquisition Group of Microsoft; and Tom Gilley, Venture Partner of Momenta Partners

There’s no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing quickly; from building sensors that automatically adjust heating and lighting to wearable devices that alert you when you’ve reached your daily exercise goal or smartphones that buzz when the household has run out of milk, IoT is exploding. Cisco predicts that more than 5 billion people and 50 billion “things” will be connected by 2020. 2020 is also the year that 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communications technology, is set to debut. IoT will be the ideal application for 5G, which will handle approximately 1,000 times more mobile data than today’s cellular systems, and help to better link up fixed and mobile devices. Many say 5G will contribute to what will be a new industrial and economic revolution. More than 1.6 zettabytes of data will be captured worldwide by 2020, according to ABI Research. By 2025, IoT applications are estimated to have a total economic impact of $11.1 trillion. How can companies capitalize on IoT? How are the big players approaching IoT? What kinds of applications will exist five, ten years from now? How will companies protect customer data / its own data? With the vast amounts of data that will be generated by IoT devices, how much pressure does this put on the network and data center infrastructure? This panel will discuss the explosive growth of IoT, examine industry trends, predictions, and the opportunities and challenges that IoT brings to the global economy.

The Impact of IoT on Business

Curious about how IoT will impact your business? Watch IPS’ industry experts explain the benefits of the Internet of Things to your business.

For more information on IoT go to

The Top 10 Ways IoT Can Improve your Business

According to Statista, there will be 75.44 billion connected devices in the world by 2025. This indicates that there will be ten times as many devices as there are people soon.

The rise of IoT has been prompted by a rapid digital transformation in businesses from virtually all industries. While to some people, the idea of IoT is daunting, Forbes suggests that around 60% of enterprises are using IoT to expand and transform their business. Additionally, 63% of the respondents in Forbes’ study said that they’re already delivering updated services thanks to IoT.

So, how exactly could the Internet of Things improve your business? Here are ten options.

IoT | Internet of Things | What is IoT ? | How IoT Works? | IoT Explained in 6 Minutes | Simplilearn

This video on ” What is IoT ” gives you a brief introduction to iot internet of things in just 6 minutes. Watch complete video to learn more!!
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The IoT Internet of Things is making our lives a lot easier. Almost all appliances can now be monitored and, in some cases, operated remotely. With the help of a simple use case, we explain what IoT is and how it works in this video on IoT. The video provides a basic knowledge of the subject, especially if you’re new to IoT.
0:00 – Start
1:26 – IoT Example
1:48 – IoT devices
3:01 – Working on IoT
4:00 – IoT Applications
Don’t forget to take the quiz at 04:46!

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About Simplilearn
Simplilearn is the world’s leading digital skills provider, enabling learners across the globe.
Our programs and certifications empower learners to achieve their career goals faster. Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, Simplilearn, a Blackstone company is the world’s #1 online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training. Our programs are designed and delivered with world-renowned universities, top corporations, and leading industry bodies via live online classes featuring top industry practitioners, sought-after trainers, and global leaders.

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