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BFL CANADA Corporate Video

BFL CANADA Corporate Video

BFL CANADA Corporate Video

Risk Control | How to Prevent Losses from Frozen Pipes


As winter rolls in, it’s important that you know how to prevent pipes from freezing as frozen pipes could pose one of the most dangerous and costly problems.

BFL CANADA’s latest Risk Control video gives you 5 tips on how to protect your home!

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BFL CANADA Transforms Business through VMware Virtualization

BFL CANADA is a fast-growing international insurance broker and financial firm. Discover how local solution and service provider Softchoice has helped BFL CANADA transform their business through VMware virtualization.

Condo Insurance Coverage Explained – Trinity Player – BFL Canada

Condo Insurance – Do you as a condo board director know enough about condominium insurance coverage for your condo corporation or association? Download bonuses at

In this video Rafal Dyrda interviews Trinity Player from BFL Canada where they discuss condominium insurance, condo board responsibility, and what you should be looking out for when buying an insurance policy for your condo corporation.

– Is a condo policy legal and binding?
– Are all insurance policies the same?
– Can language in the policy make a difference of the outcome?
– Are condo manager’s insurance experts or should you seek the advice of a condo insurance broker? Who’s liable in buying the wrong policy?
– Can an insurance policy cover fraudulent activity?
– Does condo insurance coverage depend on the price of the policy?
– Who is responsible and liable for selecting an insurance policy?
– What are the most common claims in condominiums?
– Who should educate owners on insurance claims?
– What should the board consider when working with an insurance broker?
– What are the biggest mistakes boards make when buying an insurance policy?
– How often should the board review a policy?
– What should the board review before picking a policy?
– Should you inform your insurance broker if you update your bylaws?
– How is BFL Canada different from condo other insurance providers?
– What should the board do before filing a claim?
– What should the board do when they get a statement of claim?
– If damage originates from a unit who’s responsible for repair?
– Can the Condo Board charge back the owner the deductible?
– Why should a condo unit owner have their own personal condo unit insurance?

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The Condo Web Show is an interview series with experts in the condominium industry where we share tips, advice, and answer your condo questions, whether you are a condo board member, a condo or property manager, or an owner, so you can run a more efficient condo and spend less time in those pesky board meetings.

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BFL CANADA | Lockton Global LLP


Did you know that BFL CANADA is a founding member of the Lockton Global Partnership?

Lockton Global LLP is an alliance of independent insurance brokers who provide risk management, insurance and benefits consulting services worldwide. Through this partnership, BFL CANADA provides our clients with access to international resources, support and markets.

To learn more about our partnership, click the video!

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David Willows

David Willows

David Willows, EVP Innovation and Marketing

Situation Changing Praise

David preached this Message at Hollybush Christian Fellowship. It shows the power that is present when we decide to praise the Lord; it changes situations.

A conversation David Willows and Suzette Parlevliet, Co-Founders at YELLOW CAR

With extensive experience in advancement, communications, admissions and marketing in International Schools, David and Suzette share their journey founding Yellow Car. We explore the unique approach David and Suzette facilitate with schools and organisations, “Experience Strategy”, engaging school leaders and school teams to intentionally design the experience of their school.

About David Willows

DR DAVID WILLOWS is Co-founder and Strategic Director at [YELLOW CAR]. Between 2005 and 2022, he was Director of Advancement at the International School of Brussels, Belgium. During this time, he grew to be widely regarded as one of the most innovative practitioners in the field, helping to shape and define the future of Advancement in schools. He was recently listed as one of the world’s Top 10 Global Educational Influencers. An author and regular keynote speaker & trainer at international events around the world, David is passionate about helping schools advance in ways that are relevant for today’s educational landscape.

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Twitter: @davidwillows

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About Suzette Parlevliet

SUZETTE PARLEVLIET is Co-founder and Experience Director at [YELLOW CAR]. Previously, she joined the Advancement team at the International School of Brussels, Belgium in 2013. During this time, she oversaw the school’s brand development, communication strategy, web design, and content production until, in 2019, she took up the role of Manager of Experience Design. Today, Suzette brings expert insight into the day-to-day life of an innovative Advancement office and is skilled at supporting others to be successful in their role.

Suzette Parlevliet on Social Media
Twitter: @SuzetteParlevl1

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I’m 23, He’s 62 – But I’m Not After His Money | LOVE DON’T JUDGE


IT was love at first swipe for 23-year-old model Willow and 62-year-old real estate developer David who met on Tinder. The couple hit it off on their first date and have now been together for a few months. David was Willow’s first and only Tinder date. She says it was an instant connection and they fell in love in one hour. David told Truly: “It was an unbelievable connection. I just fell like immediately.” The couple became official after their date and have been inseparable ever since. They have been enjoying each other’s time by travelling around the world together, dining at restaurants and attending events. David and Willow haven’t shied away from sharing their relationship online but that has come with judgement. As well as being judged for their age difference, they have also received comments suggesting Willow is only after David’s money. When Willow first met David she didn’t want to be influenced by anything. She said: “I didn’t want to be influenced by anything outside. I just wanted to like know him as a person first…Let me see if I like you like you too, before I let any outside factors, like make me feel any type of way.” The couple choose to ignore the comments because they know what they have is real and continue to share their life and the fun things they get up to.

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Videographer: Adams Wood
Producers: Alicia Bailey, Natalia Giorgi
Editor: Vanessa Nascimento

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Songs of Joyful Praise

Let these praise songs fill your heart with joy and cause you to fall in love with Jesus more and more. Sing with Evangelist David Willows on his piano accordian with the Saints in the West Midlands.
This was recorded at Calvary Church, Brownhills, Walsall in the United Kingdom