Christine (Jang) Tan

Christine (Jang) Tan

Head of FIG Sales APAC for J.P. Morgan

Crazy Rich Asians – Mahjong Scene [Official HD]

The Mahjong scene from Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

This scene is the climax of the movie, where Rachel (Constance Wu) squares off against Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh) over Nick (Henry Golding). The rules of Mahjong are similar to Poker and “Go Fish” where a player tries to make a winning hand from drawing a tile or consuming someone else’s discard tile. The loser (the one who pays money) is the person who discards the winning tile to the winner.

In this scene, Eleanor explains that she does not approve of Rachel because as an American, Rachel can only think about herself and not about family. Rachel then reveals that she turned down Nick’s proposal and offer to walk away from his family, to which Eleanor responds, “Only a fool folds a winning hand.” But Rachel responds that she did this because it would tear him away from his mother and ultimately make him sad. As she does this, she draws the winning tile for her hand, but also knows that it is the tile Eleanor needs to win. She discards her tile to which Eleanor takes to win. Then Rachel reveals her tiles to show that she did in fact, fold the winning hand, showing Eleanor that when she looks back years from now, she’ll know that she only has the winning hand (Nick) because Rachel made the sacrifice to give him up.

Constance Wu … Rachel Chu
Henry Golding Henry Golding … Nick Young
Michelle Yeoh Michelle Yeoh … Eleanor Young
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan … Astrid Young Teo
Lisa Lu Lisa Lu … Ah Ma
Awkwafina Awkwafina … Peik Lin Goh
Harry Shum Jr. Harry Shum Jr. … Charlie Wu
Ken Jeong Ken Jeong … Wye Mun Goh
Sonoya Mizuno Sonoya Mizuno … Araminta Lee
Chris Pang Chris Pang … Colin Khoo
Jimmy O. Yang Jimmy O. Yang … Bernard Tai
Ronny Chieng Ronny Chieng … Eddie Cheng
Remy Hii Remy Hii … Alistair Cheng
Nico Santos Nico Santos … Oliver T’sien
Jing Lusi Jing Lusi … Amanda Ling
Carmen Soo Carmen Soo … Francesca
Pierre Png Pierre Png … Michael Teo
Fiona Xie Fiona Xie … Kitty Pong
Victoria Loke Victoria Loke … Fiona Cheng
Janice Koh Janice Koh … Felicity Young

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