FinTech profile: Fenergo – the connected client experience

FinTech profile: Fenergo – the connected client experience

Dublin-based fintech Fenergo has just completed an $80mn fundraising round. That merits a closer look at the innovative software solutions business

Fintech Revolution of the Customer Experience

The FinTech revolution will continue to affect the everyday lives of business owners and individuals in the foreseeable future; and here’s how businesses can easily adapt to drastic technology-driven changes to stay ahead of the competition and meet customers’ needs:

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Time codes:
00:00 Fintech Revolution of the Customer Experience
01:21 Change Drivers Behind The New Financial Services Customer Experience
01:29 Smartphone And Mobility
02:29 AI-Powered Conversations And Automation
02:57 Monzo
03:12 Kabbage
03:22 Self Service Expectations
03:39 Bank Transfers, Check Deposits, Loan Applications, Personal Details Alteration
03:58 Money Transfer Service: WISE
04:19 Open Door
04:36 Omnichannel Banking
05:25 What Can We Learn From The Fintech Revolution
05:29 Deepen Your Understanding Of Customers
06:11 Lighten The Customer Experience
06:46 Hyper-Personalise The Customer Experience
07:19 Innovate
07:53 Leverage Partnerships
08:42 Conclusion

Finextra interviews Fenergo: Client Lifecycle Management & Regulatory Compliance in APAC

Rachel Whelan, Senior Customer Success Manager at Fenergo, speaks at SIBOS 2018 in Sydney, about the core issues facing financial institutions in APAC, the benefits digitalization can offer and how Fenergo’s Global Client Community enables financial institutions to address these regulatory and operational challenges collectively.

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Fenergo – Client Lifecycle Management

Fenergo KYC for FinTechs

Transform client journeys and manage compliance against KYC and AML regulations with an end-to-end approach.

Uniquely designed in conjunction with our sister-company Sentinels, Fenergo provides a suite of SaaS solutions that automates risk monitoring across the entire client lifecycle, ensuring continuous compliance by design.