Jason Bressler

Jason Bressler

As CTO of the largest mortgage company in the world, Jason Bressler starts with the personal – like ensuring he knows each of his 1,300-strong team by name

Happy Hour with AzInsuranceGuy with Don Rice / Guest Jason Bressler / Metro Phoenix Chamber

An Interview with Jason Bressler to learn about all that he does and is involved in. Starting with Let It Roll Bowl and U-Haul, only to top it all off with his philanthropic efforts and the creation of the Metro Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

DisrupTV Episode 213, Mico Yuk, Ed McLaughlin, Jason Bressler

Jason Bressler’s secrets for successful networking: Be realistic and be real.

Jason Bressler and his father created the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce with the mission of helping members make connections that grow their businesses and benefit the community. So Jason can teach you some things about networking. For example, at an event, “If I meet two great people, that’s a win,” Jason says. “Set your expectations realistically. Don’t go in saying I’m going to meet a hundred people and then you meet two and you think what did I come to this for? Go in with the mindset that ‘I’m going to be me: genuine, real, honest, sincere.’ People will appreciate that and want to be a part of you and your organization.”
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Placing people and culture at the heart of business growth

UWM’s upward trajectory has seen it through an IPO to become the largest mortgage company in the world – but it’s still grounded in its people and culture
Jason Bressler, CTO at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), explains how he maintains a positive workplace culture at the world’s largest mortgage company.

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