S&T Group CEO on the IoT and its Business Impact

S&T Group CEO on the IoT and its Business Impact

Hannes Niederhauser, CEO S&T Group, tell us why the IoT is so transformative and how it will impact upon the business and fintech landscape

TEX NYC 2016: CEO Roundtable #1 Arrival of IoT: 5G, Connected Devices, Data Volume & Opportunities

This CEO Roundtable “The Arrival of Internet of Things (IoT): 5G, Connected Devices, Data Volume and Business Opportunities” from TEX NYC 2016 features: Ronald Gruia, Director of Emerging Telecoms of Frost & Sullivan; Mobeen Khan, AVP of IoT Strategy & Product Management of AT &T; Frank Rey, Director Global Network Acquisition Group of Microsoft; and Tom Gilley, Venture Partner of Momenta Partners

There’s no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) is developing quickly; from building sensors that automatically adjust heating and lighting to wearable devices that alert you when you’ve reached your daily exercise goal or smartphones that buzz when the household has run out of milk, IoT is exploding. Cisco predicts that more than 5 billion people and 50 billion “things” will be connected by 2020. 2020 is also the year that 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communications technology, is set to debut. IoT will be the ideal application for 5G, which will handle approximately 1,000 times more mobile data than today’s cellular systems, and help to better link up fixed and mobile devices. Many say 5G will contribute to what will be a new industrial and economic revolution. More than 1.6 zettabytes of data will be captured worldwide by 2020, according to ABI Research. By 2025, IoT applications are estimated to have a total economic impact of $11.1 trillion. How can companies capitalize on IoT? How are the big players approaching IoT? What kinds of applications will exist five, ten years from now? How will companies protect customer data / its own data? With the vast amounts of data that will be generated by IoT devices, how much pressure does this put on the network and data center infrastructure? This panel will discuss the explosive growth of IoT, examine industry trends, predictions, and the opportunities and challenges that IoT brings to the global economy.

The Impact of IoT on Business

Curious about how IoT will impact your business? Watch IPS’ industry experts explain the benefits of the Internet of Things to your business.

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The Top 10 Ways IoT Can Improve your Business

According to Statista, there will be 75.44 billion connected devices in the world by 2025. This indicates that there will be ten times as many devices as there are people soon.

The rise of IoT has been prompted by a rapid digital transformation in businesses from virtually all industries. While to some people, the idea of IoT is daunting, Forbes suggests that around 60% of enterprises are using IoT to expand and transform their business. Additionally, 63% of the respondents in Forbes’ study said that they’re already delivering updated services thanks to IoT.

So, how exactly could the Internet of Things improve your business? Here are ten options.

IoT | Internet of Things | What is IoT ? | How IoT Works? | IoT Explained in 6 Minutes | Simplilearn

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The IoT Internet of Things is making our lives a lot easier. Almost all appliances can now be monitored and, in some cases, operated remotely. With the help of a simple use case, we explain what IoT is and how it works in this video on IoT. The video provides a basic knowledge of the subject, especially if you’re new to IoT.
0:00 – Start
1:26 – IoT Example
1:48 – IoT devices
3:01 – Working on IoT
4:00 – IoT Applications
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