Fintech Pleo appoints former Monzo exec to leadership team

Fintech Pleo appoints former Monzo exec to leadership team

Pleo has appointed former Monzo exec to the fintech’s senior leadership team as part of a growth strategy which has seen it roll out services across Europe

Fintech Week in Review: Episode #3

���� #FintechWeeklyReview – Easter Special ����

Week 13 rundown of key things happening in #Fintech ������

1. Starling Enters Business Banking – �� https://bit.ly/2pVGFTI
2. Starling and Monzo integrate with Credittladder – �� https://bit.ly/2Gq8uut
3. Name That Feature – �� https://bit.ly/2GoGrLM
4. Lydia launches Marketplace �� https://bit.ly/2HQdclc
5. RBS acquires FreeAgent �� https://bit.ly/2GAOl8c

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Events | Pleo at PayExpo2016

Pleo was presenting at PayExpo 2016 – the UK’s largest payments event.

Watch the interview from the event with our co-founder and CEO Jeppe Rindom.

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KPMG on the Future of Fintech

Learn more about how leading FinTechs build on AWS at – https://amzn.to/2UspaIh.
Charlie Barrett, FinTech Lead at AWS, talks to Anton Ruddenklau, Global Co‐leader of FinTech at KPMG and an adviser to banks, corporates and startups on strategy and growth, shares his valuable insights on challenger banks, the future of fintech and much more.

Top banks poised to reveal massive profits. (Fintech Insider)

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This week we have some huge stories for you as David and Simon are joined by Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo, and Romi Savova, CEO of PensionBee.

We kick off the episode with a story that’ll give you 24 billion reasons to be impressed with the state of the UK’s financial industry. It’s the first time the four biggest lenders have made more than £20BN since 2007 and while it might appear to be a return to the good old days of pre-financial crisis finances, Romi points out that although the numbers are great, they might not be as great as they would have been in 2007 due to balance sheets. Tom also points out that banks have only made superficial changes so far, but that’s about to change…

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UK Fintech Week: Goldman Sachs invests £50m in Starling Bank

UK Fintech Week: Goldman Sachs invests £50m in Starling Bank

The start of UK Fintech Week (19 April to 23 April) has already seen Goldman Sachs opt to invest £50m in leading challenger bank Starling…

What the FinTech? | S.4 Episode 8 | The future of open banking in the UK

In the latest episode of the What the FinTech? podcast, we’re joined by Marion King, chair and trustee of the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) and non-executive director at payments company Cashflows, to chat about the current state of play and next steps for open banking in the UK following the much-anticipated release of the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee’s recommendations.

Marion and FinTech Futures editor Paul Hindle discuss whether the new recommendations can help the UK maintain its position as a leader in the open banking space, whether concerns around the lack of clarity in the country’s vision for open banking have been alleviated, and whether there’s a way to monetise open banking amid concerns from banks about the lack of commercial returns.

We also find out what’s next for the OBIE, dive into some of the trends and developments in the digital payments space, and discuss how the fintech sector should be doing more to reduce the gender pay gap.

And finally, we find out what fintech buzzword Marion wants to throw into our Fintech Jail!

Why Starling Bank Has Beaten Monzo In The UK (5 Reasons)

Starling Bank has beaten Monzo over the last 2 years in the UK.

Starling Bank is now profitable while Monzo is losing more money every year.

Starling Bank is growing and considering making acquisitions while Monzo is collecting funding rounds to make ends meet.

In this video I will share my view on why Starling Bank has beaten Monzo by explaining the 5 big reasons why the two biggest challenger banks in the UK are so different.


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Investment Opportunities in Fintech | AIM Summit London 2023

“Investment Opportunities in Fintech

Abdallah Abu Sheikh – CEO & Founder, Astra Tech
Terry Culver – Executive Director, Digital Finance Group
Susanne Chishti – Chief Executive Officer, FINTECH Circle
Steve Schlenker – Managing Partner, Co-Founder, DN Capital

John D’Agostino – Senior Advisor: Strategy & Partnerships, Coinbase

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The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sachs’ Marcus

Saying the name out loud conjures images of Ivy League-educated investment bankers in tailored suits managing money for the wealthiest of the wealthy. Or closing deals in high-rise corporate offices. Advising the wealthiest of the wealthy. Navigating the corridors of power across the world’s financial capitals — New York, London, Singapore.
So, why did Goldman Sachs — the 150-year-old investment bank — try to get into checking accounts and credit cards? And, what’s more, how did Goldman Sachs’ fail at that? Watch the video above to find out more.

00:00 — Introduction
01:13 — Introducing Marcus
03:31 — Goldman’s trouble with consumer banking
05:29 — What went wrong?
07:04 — What’s next?

Produced by Jeff Morganteen
Reporting by Hugh Son
Edited by Dennis Donovan
Graphics by Mallory Brangan
Narrated by Jordan Smith

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The Rise And Fall Of Goldman Sach’s Marcus


FinTech profile: Fenergo – the connected client experience

FinTech profile: Fenergo – the connected client experience

Dublin-based fintech Fenergo has just completed an $80mn fundraising round. That merits a closer look at the innovative software solutions business

Fintech Revolution of the Customer Experience

The FinTech revolution will continue to affect the everyday lives of business owners and individuals in the foreseeable future; and here’s how businesses can easily adapt to drastic technology-driven changes to stay ahead of the competition and meet customers’ needs:

Learn More: https://behaviouralresponse.com/fintech-revolution-of-the-customer-experience-applying-the-lessons-learned/

Time codes:
00:00 Fintech Revolution of the Customer Experience
01:21 Change Drivers Behind The New Financial Services Customer Experience
01:29 Smartphone And Mobility
02:29 AI-Powered Conversations And Automation
02:57 Monzo
03:12 Kabbage
03:22 Self Service Expectations
03:39 Bank Transfers, Check Deposits, Loan Applications, Personal Details Alteration
03:58 Money Transfer Service: WISE
04:19 Open Door
04:36 Omnichannel Banking
05:25 What Can We Learn From The Fintech Revolution
05:29 Deepen Your Understanding Of Customers
06:11 Lighten The Customer Experience
06:46 Hyper-Personalise The Customer Experience
07:19 Innovate
07:53 Leverage Partnerships
08:42 Conclusion

Finextra interviews Fenergo: Client Lifecycle Management & Regulatory Compliance in APAC

Rachel Whelan, Senior Customer Success Manager at Fenergo, speaks at SIBOS 2018 in Sydney, about the core issues facing financial institutions in APAC, the benefits digitalization can offer and how Fenergo’s Global Client Community enables financial institutions to address these regulatory and operational challenges collectively.

For all your fintech-related news, please visit https://www.finextra.com.

Fenergo – Client Lifecycle Management

Fenergo KYC for FinTechs

Transform client journeys and manage compliance against KYC and AML regulations with an end-to-end approach.

Uniquely designed in conjunction with our sister-company Sentinels, Fenergo provides a suite of SaaS solutions that automates risk monitoring across the entire client lifecycle, ensuring continuous compliance by design.